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Brazilian Waxing Experts in Kamloops

You may feel uncomfortable with your body hair for many reasons. Perhaps you don't like the way it peeks out of your bathing suit. Maybe the hair rubs and irritates your skin, leaving you chafed as you bike or play sports. Or the hair has grown untamed for too long, so it looks messy or uninviting to your spouse. We use only top quality Brazilian waxes for our Kamloops customers. We have built a team that is experienced and passionate about what they do.


Fortunately, you don't have to live with unwanted hair for long.


At Audra's Image & Wellness Day Spa in Kamloops, we can remove body hair quickly and efficiently. We offer our Manzilian and Brazilian wax in Kamloops, which will leave your entire body feeling silky smooth. You can enjoy this softer skin for several weeks before needing additional service. Call us.


Benefits of Brazilian Waxes

 Exfoliates your skin
 Boosts Confidence
 Hair-free for longer
 Hair growth becomes sparser


Partial or Full-Body Treatments

Whether you want to tidy your brows or run hair-free at the beach, we have a variety of waxing services that will suit your needs:


  • Brow, lip or chin - $20
  • Cheek - $25
  • Ear - $25
  • Nostril - $25
  • Full face (any 3 areas) - $55
  • Underarms - $25
  • Bikini - $55
  • Female Brazilian - $90
  • Manzilian - $110
  • Upper leg & bikini - $90
  • Upper leg & Brazilian - $115
  • Lower leg - $65
  • Lower leg & bikini - $80
  • Lower leg & Brazilian - $105
  • Full leg & bikini - $125
  • Full leg & Brazilian - $140
  • Back - $80
  • Chest - $80
  • Forearm - $55
  • Full arm - $70
  • Bum cheeks- $30-45


Keep in mind that we also offer multiple spa packages on our Brazilian wax in Kamloops. If you buy five waxes, you can enjoy the sixth wax for free. Or if you'd like to enjoy a full day at the spa, you can combine your wax service with our massages, pedicures, and facials for a truly rejuvenating experience.


Call for an Appointment

When you come to our spa, our staff will do everything we can to ensure you enjoy the experience. We have a team of licensed estheticians who love to help men and women feel their best. If you've never had a wax before, our understanding crew will gladly walk you through the process and let you know what to expect during a session.


If you'd like to book your Brazilian wax, call our Kamloops office at 250-372-3626. But if you feel spontaneous, you can always walk into our office during our regular hours. We love seeing new customers and familiar faces alike. Contact us now if you are looking for Brazilian waxing services in Kamloops.

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